IndiaLends - How to Apply for a Loan Online

IndiaLends is a Financial Technology company that is based in New Delhi. Their aim is to provide affordable financial products that are easily accessible to the common individuals.


Their online portal offers customers many different products and services to choose from such as unsecured loans, personal loans, credit cards, installment loans, etc.

You can connect with various lenders who can help you get the best deals for your loan.


They also offer services that are value-based to their customers such as credit risk assessment, big-data analysis, and verification. They have automated their work-flows including data management and loan origination.

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Benefits of Using IndiaLends for Personal Loans

Their personal loan products come with a wide variety of benefits, which include the following.


No Collateral Needed

Personal loans basically do not require collateral, which means that the bank will not require you to offer them some sort of security to support the loan.

You don’t have to pledge things such as a car, or your house for the loan.

This is however the reason why the interest rates for personal loans tend to be high, but you can get a low-rate if you meet all of the eligibility requirements and ensure that you have a spotless credit history.

Few Documents Required

In this time and age, the process of document verification has greatly reduced. It is possible to get an instant personal loan very fast with minimum documents required for approval.

Easy Approval Process

You do not have to wait for days or weeks for your loan to be approved. This is also the main reason why personal loans are popular and can be utilized in times of emergencies.

The process has been digitalized and this also reduces the disbursement process.

Multipurpose Loans

These loans can be used for anything you want to use them for, except illegal activities. They are multipurpose loans.

You can buy anything you want, or fund a wedding, or even start a business using the loans. You can even apply for a personal loan, and use it to offset another loan.

What you Need to Apply for IndiaLends Personal Loan

The requirements for an IndiaLends Personal Loan are the following.

  • Your Identity and proof of age. You must be above 18 years.
  • A completely filled personal form with a photo attached.
  • Your PAN card.
  • Proof of residency such as your passport or driving license, your voter ID, landline/postpaid bill, a copy of your utility bills, etc.
  • Your bank statements for the last 3 months.
  • 3 pays lips of your salary.
  • Form 16 for your income tax returns for the last 3 years.

How to Apply for IndiaLends Loans

There are usually three steps to applying for the loan, which includes the following.

Step 1 – Filling in the Eligibility Form

The first step will be to log on to the company website, and click on Personal loans.

You will be taken to an online form that you must fill in with the following details - your name as per your PAN card, your current residence pin code, your email address, your current company name, your monthly salary and your mobile number.

Step 2 – Choosing from the Many Offers

You will then receive a list of lenders that is based on the information you have provided in step 1. The offers could be for more amount than you wanted, and you are therefore required to choose.

On the list, you will also find a variety of lenders who are willing to lend you the money. Please remember to look carefully at things like the interest rate they are offering, the loan amount, the EMI, and the loan tenure.

Step 3 – Applying for the Loan

The final step is to apply for the loan. This is actually an extension of step 1, and after giving your personal details, you can then apply for the loan.

You can then submit your application. One of the IndiaLends rep staff will contact you to verify a few more details before they send your loan application to the lender you have chosen.

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Applying for a personal loan is a very simple process if you already meet all of the requirements.

You must however ensure not to over burden your salary cheque as they may not accept an application from someone who already has too many loans. All the best!