GO Mastercard Credit Card - Learn the Steps to Apply

Credit cards have become a significant part of financial decisions for most people. Whether you're purchasing new furniture, a new washing machine, or a gas cooker, credit cards give you the power to enjoy now and pay later.


Despite this valuable support, some people avoid using their credit cards because of the interest rates charged on their purchases and repayments. What if there was a credit card provider that allows you to make interest-free credit card purchases?

That's where the Latitude GO Mastercard Credit Card comes in. This article guides you through how to get the Go Mastercard credit card and enjoy its interest-free features. 

  • About the Go Mastercard Credit Card 
  • Features of the Go Mastercard Credit Card
  • How to Apply and Get the Go Mastercard Credit Card?
  • Fees and Interest
  • Pros of Using GO Mastercard Credit Card
  • Address and Contact for Latitude
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About the Go Mastercard Credit Card

Go Mastercard by Latitude is a credit card that gives you access to interest-free credit purchases with a minimum credit limit of $1000. In addition, you get to shop instantly through its instant cardless payment method immediately after your account is approved.

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The parent company, Latitude, is a consumer financial service provider in Australia and New Zealand. Beyond credit card services, Latitude also provides retail finance, personal insurance, car loans, and personal loans.


The Latitude mobile application helps customers to add their Go Mastercard credit card to virtual wallets and keep track of due dates on the app. The Latitude app is available for download on Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

How to Use the Go Mastercard Credit Card?

Existing customers can buy items by presenting their Go Mastercard credit card or driver's license at the point of purchase. The sales personnel will inform you about the interest-free promotions available for your purchase. 

After making the purchase, monitor and pay your credit card payments from the Latitude mobile app. The credit card also works for online purchases on available offers. So you wouldn't need to visit a physical store.

Features of the Go Mastercard Credit Card

The Go Mastercard offers several features, but the interest-free payment plans stand out. The plans are called equal monthly, minimum monthly, and flexible payment

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The equal monthly plan allows you to pay the same monthly amount till it's paid fully. So you'll know exactly how much you're to pay every month and can budget ahead for it. Offers in this category are only available during select promotional periods. 

With the minimum monthly payment plan, customers pay a specified minimum amount every month. You're at liberty to include extra amounts and the minimum payment. 

The flexible payment allows you to pay whenever it is convenient for you. Furthermore, you're not confined to a set amount or timeframe and are not obliged to make payment within the promotional period. 

Multiple Payment Routes

Go Mastercard credit card customers have four payment methods they can use. The first is Latitude App which customers use to make bank transfer payments with their Australian bank account and BSB (Bank State Branch). 

Customers can also register and make payments with the Online Service Centre. Payments made via the online service center and Latitude app are free. The easiest and fastest method is the monthly direct debit, where payments are automated.

Australia's electronic bill payment service, BPAY, is another payment route available to customers. To use BPAY, you need to input the Biller Code (443887), your account number, and your paying amount. Each transaction costs a handling fee of $0.95. 

How to Apply and Get the Go Mastercard Credit Card?

Applications to get a credit card are made online via the Go Mastercard website. So the first thing to do is visit their website and check if you're eligible for the card

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Once you've determined your eligibility, click on the Apply Now button to access the application form. Before you fill out the application, you'll need to answer a questionnaire confirming whether the Latitude Go Mastercard is suitable. 

After you submit, it'll only take one minute to receive the decision on your application. Then, you'll know if it has been approved, or declined or if Latitude requires additional information. Confirmation of additional information takes two days.

Becoming a customer offline is as easy as walking into any partner store like Joyce Mayne, Domayne, or Harvey Norman. First, their sales team will set up a new Latitude GO Mastercard. If approved, the new customer can start using the card right away.

Before You Apply

Before proceeding from the screening section, ensure you've read the Declaration and Credit Application, Conditions of Use, Key Facts Sheet, and Privacy Notice. These documents clarify how Latitude uses your data, how the card features work, and the terms of operations.

By filling out and submitting the application form, be aware that you're consenting to a credit check and a confirmation of your current income. You also agree to receive your credit card contract electronically, not physically.

Fees and Interest

The fees and interest rates associated with a Go Mastercard credit card are as follows.​​

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  • Account establishment Fee - $0;
  • Longterm interest-free payment plan - 0%;
  • Interest rate on everyday purchases - 21.45% p.a.;
  • Account service fee - $8.95 (when your balance is greater than $10);
  • Interest rate on cash advances & expired long-term Interest-Free Payment Plans - 25.9% p.a.;
  • Cash Advance Fee and & Direct credit advance fee - the greater of 3% or $3 (or $30 per transaction maximum);
  • Late Payment Fee - $30 (It will be increased to $35 on 8 June 2022);
  • Paper statements - $2.50 (optional);
  • Online statements - $0 (via the website);
  • Card replacement fee - $0;

Internation transaction fees also apply when shopping across borders. The fees applied are:

  • International transaction fees - 3% on all cash advances and purchases;
  • International cash over the counter fee - $5, on top of the cash advance fee;
  • International cash advance fee - $4, on top of the cash advance fee.

Further information on other fees and payments is available in the conditions of use and key facts sheet

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a GO Mastercard credit card, you must be 18 years or above. You must also be a resident of Australia or a temporary resident that can work legally and intends to stay in Australia for the next 12 months. 

Your application also requires you to provide proof of age, passport, or driver's license. You'll also need to give details of your debt, income, assets, and your employer's name and address.

Ensure you have all the required documents before applying. Without any of these, you wouldn't be able to get a Go Mastercard. 

Pros of Using GO Mastercard Credit Card

A significant benefit to using the Latitude GO Mastercard Credit card is that customers have various opportunities to earn rewards. One such way is the 6-months interest-free feature. 

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The interest-free feature gives customers six months free of interest when they make purchases of $250 and above. You'll need to visit your Latitude app and activate it within 30 days of purchase. There's no limit to how many six months of interest-free purchases you can make. 

Customers also get 55 days without interest payments (0% p.a) when they make an early payment of the entire closing balance of a statement of account.   

Furthermore, the Go Mastercard credit card is compatible with digital wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, and Google Pay. 

Shortcomings of the Card

Some people may consider the interest rates as a con to using the GO Mastercard credit card. It's not surprising because it's natural to want a credit card provider that charges lower interest rates. 

However, considering the reward systems that give you months of interest-free payments, the interest rates may not be so high. 

Address and Contact for Latitude

Latitude Financial Services has its headquarters in Australia and a branch office in New Zealand. The Australia headquarters is at 800 Collins Street, Docklands, Victoria 3008

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They're open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM and 5 PM working hours. If you'd like to place a call before heading down to their office, their phone number is +61 1300 363 269.

In New Zealand, Latitude is known as Gem Finance by Latitude and is at 8 Tangihua Street, Auckland, 1010. If you have a hearing impairment, the office uses New Zealand Relay to close the communication gap that may occur. 

Fraud Management

Latitude's fraud management system identifies unusual activity on your credit card and takes appropriate action. Latitude screens all applications for potential identity theft and will alert you if they suspect your account is at risk. 

Latitude also prevents fraudulent transactions by contacting you via text or phone call if they detect a semblance of fraudulent activity. If there's a successful fraudulent transaction, their fraud management team will work with you to find a solution. 

Additionally, Latitude guarantees you will get your money back if a fraudulent transaction has occurred on your account. Latitude doesn't consider you liable for any loss if you did not contribute to the theft or misuse of your credit card.


Interests on credit cards can be a deal-breaker for some shoppers. However, you remove the interest rate barrier when taking advantage of Go Mastercard's reward opportunities

Overall, it's a seamless way to enjoy the best now and pay later without interest. 

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank's terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.