Learn How to Apply for an Ocean Finance Credit Card

Credit cards can open the door to financial freedom for you. However, finding a good credit card that also helps you improve your credit score easily is no easy job. 


One attention-worthy option is the Ocean Finance credit card, which comes with considerable financial perks. With reasonable APR and no other charges, it earns a place on the list of most affordable credit cards in the UK.

The card has been designed in a way that helps you manage your budget and limits overspending. If it aligns with your financial goals, then you can find all the information you need to apply for the card up next in this article.


Learn How to Apply for an Ocean Finance Credit Card

Features of the Card

Ocean Finance credit cards boast of a number of useful features specifically tailored to help you boost your credit score. The card is very affordable with no extra fees and a good initial credit limit stretching from £200 to £1,500. 


Ocean Finance has partnered with Capital One to effectively manage your card account entirely online through the app. Moreover, you also get the option to add up to 3 secondary cardholders without any extra charges. 

One defining perk of Ocean Finance cards is that there is not a stringent criterion for a credit score, making it accessible for most people. 

How to Apply

It’s easy to apply for an Ocean finance card within 15 minutes without having to visit a branch. Follow these steps to quickly check your eligibility and apply.

  • Visit the Ocean finance website and go to their Credit Card section.
  • Click the ‘Check Now’ button on top of the page for checking card eligibility.
  • Fill in necessary details like your identity, contact, address, residential information, existing cards and loans, assets and liabilities, etc.
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria and are approved, your card will reach you in 7-10 working days

Interest And Other Charges

You will incur the following charges on your Ocean Finance credit card.

  • APR: The representative annual percentage rate is 39.91%. It is variable and only 51% of the approved customers get the card at this rate.
  • Annual Fee: Nil
  • Cash Advance Charges for Cash Withdrawal: Nil
  • Cash Advance on Credit limit: Nil
  • Cash Advance Charges at ATM: Nil
  • Late Payment Charges: You will only have to pay extra interest on late payments and there’s no specific late payment fee.
  • Charges for over the Credit limit usage: Nil
  • Limit enhancement fee: Nil
  • Card Replacement fee: Nil

Eligibility Criteria

There are no hard and fast eligibility criteria for the Ocean Finance credit card. As a legal pre-requisite, you must be at least 18 years old to be the primary credit cardholder. 

Although Ocean Finance approves credit cards with lower credit scores too, it’s advisable to maintain at least a 650+ score for good APR. 

Furthermore, the card is only available to UK residents. For document verification, you may be asked to produce address, identity, and income proof. 

You can present utility bills or government ID as address proof; passport or license as identity proof and a bank statement or salary slip as income proof.

Contact Information

All the information you need to make an informed choice has been mentioned in this article or is available on the Ocean Finance website. 

However, if you still want more clarification or information on the card, you can contact Ocean Finance representatives using the following information.


Ocean Finance, Think Park, Trafford Park, Mosley Rd,


M17 1FQ


Capital One partner contact:

0344 481 2812 and +44 1159 938 002 (outside UK)

Emergency hotline:

0800 952 5267



Except for the emergency hotline, all lines are open from Mon-Tue, 9 am to 8 pm, and on Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Learn How to Apply for an Ocean Finance Credit Card


There are hundreds of credit cards out there, each is designed for a particular customer in mind. You can use the Ocean Finance card to sort your finances while also building your credit. 

The lower limits initially also ensure you don’t burden yourself with overdue payments. If you make regular repayments, Ocean Finance will steadily increase your credit limit without any hassle.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank’s terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.