Great Deals With SNAP and Walmart: The Ultimate Shopping Experience

SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is an important program that provides food assistance to low-income families and communities.


The program helps them gain access to nutritious food and make ends meet by providing them with a monthly benefit. SNAP benefits offer a source of nutrition to millions of Americans.

With SNAP becoming available and accepted at all Walmart stores, more people now have access to healthy foods at very low prices. Find great deals with SNAP and Walmart and learn the benefits of this program in this guide.


SNAP and Walmart's Partnership

As mentioned above, Walmart has been accepting SNAP since 2018 and has fully expanded its customer base significantly.

Great Deals With SNAP and Walmart: The Ultimate Shopping Experience
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SNAP beneficiaries can shop at Walmart for a wide range of food items including fresh produce, meat, dairy products, bread, cereals, and non-alcoholic beverages. Hot food or prepared meals are not included.


You can also find amazing deals when you use SNAP at Walmart. Deals and discounts are offered on certain grocery items. SNAP beneficiaries also get access to educational materials about nutrition and meal planning.

You can also use SNAP to purchase household items such as cleaning supplies and paper products.

How to Pay Online With Your EBT Card

When you shop at Walmart, you can use your SNAP EBT card to pay for your groceries and other items. To make a secure payment, you can either use the mobile app or go to the official Walmart website and log in to your account.

Add the items that you want to purchase to your online cart and proceed to checkout. Choose “EBT Card” as your payment method and enter the necessary card details.

Once your order has been approved, you will be asked to enter your 4-digit PIN for verification and you should receive a copy of your receipt.

Stimulating Local Economy by Providing More Jobs at Walmart

There are a lot of benefits to using SNAP at Walmart. Walmart employs thousands of workers in each community that it serves and with the sales increase due to SNAP benefits, more employees are needed to handle the demands.

Great Deals With SNAP and Walmart: The Ultimate Shopping Experience
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This results in job creation that can be seen across hundreds of communities across the US.

Walmart has reported a 7% growth in their annual earnings in the past five years due to an increase in SNAP-related sales.

Encourage Healthier Eating Habits

One of the main objectives of SNAP is to encourage healthier eating habits by providing incentives for eligible households to purchase nutritious foods. SNAP provides a higher benefit when participants purchase nutritious foods by giving them discounts at Walmart.

This encourages people to make healthier choices when grocery shopping. With Walmart's partnership, SNAP beneficiaries gain access to a wide variety of healthy food items like fruits and vegetables.

Increasing Food Access to Everyone

Walmart is one of the most popular stores in the US. Through their partnership with SNAP, SNAP beneficiaries can have access to healthy food.

Great Deals With SNAP and Walmart: The Ultimate Shopping Experience
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Before, people did not have a lot of choices when it came to choosing healthier food as SNAP's EDT card was only be accepted in limited stores all over the country.

Now that Walmart has partnered with SNAP, access to healthier food is readily available across communities large and small.

Reducing Hunger and Food Insecurity in Low-Income Communities

Hunger and food insecurity are one of the main problems in the United States. SNAP was developed to reduce hunger and food insecurity, especially in low-income communities. SNAP provides monthly benefits to eligible households to help purchase food for the entire family.

With many people having limited resources, SNAP and Walmart provide access to food that would otherwise be unaffordable. They also offer a ton of deals that help save them even more money.

This partnership allows beneficiaries to meet their basic needs and stay healthy until they can earn a stable income to get back on track.

How Long Do Benefit Periods Last

The length of time that SNAP benefits last in Walmart stores depends on the state in which you live. For many states, the benefit period usually lasts around 12 to 24 weeks, but there are some cases where it can be longer or shorter depending on the circumstance.

Great Deals With SNAP and Walmart: The Ultimate Shopping Experience
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In many cases, once a person's current benefit period ends, they will have to reapply for SNAP so they can continue to receive the same benefits. Sometimes, after reapplying, they may receive additional benefits if the previous ones were not as helpful.

Some states allow current beneficiaries to extend their benefit period if certain conditions are met. It is best that you talk to a SNAP representative when it comes to your benefit period.

SNAP and Walmart Restrictions

While SNAP's partnership with Walmart does have a lot of benefits, there are also certain restrictions and rules that you need to follow. Generally, there are extensive restrictions when it comes to what SNAP benefits will allows its beneficiaries to purchase.

For example, the SNAP EBT card can only be used to purchase food items that are considered staple foods like bread, cereal, fruits, milk, vegetables, meat, poultry, and others. Hot prepared foods, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products are not eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits from any Walmart stores.

You can always use your EBT card to purchase groceries at Walmart, but if you want them to be delivered to your home, you will need to pay for them separately.


Financial struggles shouldn't mean that you have to go without nutritious food. SNAP knows this, and its partnership with Walmart has made it easier for millions of Americans to use their SNAP benefits to buy healthy food for themselves and their families.

Using SNAP at Walmart is a great way to get access to healthy food options while also staying within your budget. By offering great deals and a convenient system, shopping at Walmart with your SNAP benefits is the ultimate shopping experience.

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